Pickleball Facility


Our facility ​is under construction on 18th Street across from Montana Way and along the canal close to the round about of Empire Ave and 18th Street.


This state of the art 48,000 square foot multi sport facility will house the Trampoline Zone on the ground floor and 8 dedicated Pickleball courts on the second floor.  An elevator will bring members to a reception area as well as changing and bath rooms.  On either side of this area we will have 4 dedicated Pickleball courts.  Since we have generous ceiling height for the pickle ball courts, there is room above the bath and changing rooms for a 3rd floor viewing area and lounge with indoor and outdoor seating.  Our easy accessible lot has more than 120 parking spaces with room to grow.

We’re just about 3 minutes from the Pine Nursery courts, so when the wind picks up you know where to go!!!


 Second Floor Courts Plan


Third Floor Viewing Area​ and Lounge