Charter AND ANNUAL Memberships

Charter and Annual Membership Plan Outline:

Charter Memberships are limited to the first 75-100 sign ups.

Charter Membership is single. Couples pay same price. …$4,900 each.

Charter Members pay an initial fully refundable deposit of $900. Your deposit is being held in a special bank account until 30 days prior to opening of the facility. Your funds are not being used to build the facility, but to secure your Charter Membership.

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30 days prior to the opening of the facility and upon signing Charter Membership agreement, your $900 deposit will be released to PZB and the remaining $4,000 per Charter Member is due to PZB for a total of $4,900, all of which becomes non refundable.

Charter Members will receive 7 years of pickleball with no dues. (Calculated at $700 per year or less than $2 per day.)

Charter Memberships can be passed on to immediate family members or can be sold back to PZB at 50% of remaining value. For example after year 4, a member moves away from Bend, remaining value is $2,100. PZB will pay 50% = $1,050. Charter Memberships cannot be sold or passed on to any other person other than immediate family members.

After the initial 75-100 Charter Memberships are sold, 50 to 75 Annual Memberships will be available at $850 for the first year with a 3-5% increase per year thereafter.

Our plan is to cap total membership at 150, but reserve the right to sell additional memberships if the courts are under utilized.

Charter Members and Annual Members will have the same benefits and access to the courts.

Benefits of membership:

  • Organized daily Round Robin play based on skill levels for 25 weeks from middle of October to end of April.
  • Members can reserve Open Courts set aside for members only.
  • All sign ups for organized play and court reservations are done on line.
  • Member/Guest tournaments.
  • Members can bring up to 3 guests per session at 20% reduction over regular rates. Same guest can use the facility max 3 times per 30 day period. After 3 times, same guest cannot be guest of another member in the same period.


  • All sessions will be in 2 hours increments. Members can reserve at least one session per day, more if there are open courts available 24 hours prior.
  • There will be no monthly memberships or day passes.
  • Limited court rental is available to the community and visitors to Bend. Price of court rental for 2 hours is between $40 and 48 per court in year one.
  • We expect Bend Pickleball Club to be a tenant in the winter months during non-peak hours. PZB members can participate free of charge in BPC Round Robin if space is available 24 hours prior and provided they are members of BPC.
  • During the summer (May through middle of October) there will be no organized play, but 4 courts will be reserved for members and the other 4 courts are available for kids camps, clinics, lessons and other activities.
  • During the 25 week winter season, 1-2 Friday-Sunday periods will be reserved for outside tournaments. Members can participate in these tournaments.

In summary:

The business model for the Pickleball Zone is a balance of Charter and Annual Memberships as well as individual court rental. In addition lessons and clinics will be offered through our Pickleball Academy. We have set aside enough member slots that even if the majority of members are in town, you could play 7 days a week. If you use the facility 2 times per week you would break even in less than 5 years.

In 2025 you can convert your Charter Membership to an Annual Membership. We want Charter Members to always get the best deal since they will be with us from the beginning and as such with a 4% yearly increase, it is expected that the annual membership at that time will be at $1,075. Charter Members will receive a 20% reduction on annual dues from 2025 onwards. Instead of $1,075, your annual dues for 2025 will only be $850, which is the same amount as Non Charter Members paid 7 years earlier.

You might ask why Susan and I are doing this. Susan is not even a pickleballer and we spend winters in the low desert. There obviously are other more lucrative investments, however we do not see this as a monetary investment, but rather building something for the Central Oregon pickleball community. Together with BPC and Bend Park & Rec. we have created world class outdoor courts at Pine Nursery and now we’d like to do the same indoors. Ultimately we’d like to get our investment back, but that will take some time. Again, your $4,900 will not be used to build the facility, but rather having a financial cushion when the facility opens in ​early 2018.

We hope you will join us in our venture and invest in the Pickleball Zone as well as the Greater Bend Pickleball community. If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member please fill out the Charter Membership Form and mail it together with your $900 check to:

Butch Roberts
Pickleball Zone Bend, LLC
20775 NE High Desert Ln
Bend. OR 97701

If you decide 30 days prior to the opening of the facility to convert your Charter Membership into an Annual Membership we will apply your $900 deposit to your $850 annual dues and give you a $50 refund.

Happy pickeling, Werner 

Annual Membership Form Here

PZB Charter Membership Form