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Soccer Jr’s is a play-centric curriculum to kick off your child's gross motor development while introducing the world of soccer! Our Program uses intentionally chosen games and activities to create friendships, develop soccer abilities, and make your child feel like a star! Our coaches high energy, enthusiasm, patience and ability to be encouraging with kids has proven successful time and time again when coupled with our program. Each week is thematically designed as a new adventure to help encourage your child to try new skills. We might be chasing imaginary foes through a world of super heroes, visiting the prehistoric land of dinosaurs or on a treasure hunt across the ocean! Join our Soccer Jrs team and let’s get ready to play!

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Teddy Bears 18 - 36 M​ONTHS OLD

In this class our primary goal is to help you create a fun, playful and memorable first time soccer experience with your child! Our instructors will guide you and your little one through a series of activities that help develop listening skills, social skills, and gross motor development. In this class, we give options and creative adaptations to help everyone find ways to our play games at all levels of early childhood development.  We use a mix of group games and parent-led break out activities to engage your child in a fun soccer setting.  Our class uses exciting props like cones, pool noodles, colorful spots, and many more to spark moments of creative play to maximize your child's engagement levels.

Bear Cubs 3 & 4 YEARS OLD 

This is the first big step up into playing on a soccer team for your 3 & 4 year old kiddo! They start to feel like a real soccer player in class as we explore the fundamental building blocks of soccer. Our games and activities focus on kicking, running, foot-eye coordination and build up to playing a fun game of scrimmage with their fellow teammates. We use our imaginations to create guided adventures each week as we introduce the concepts of soccer that enrich your child's abilities to play cooperatively and nurturing their strides towards being independent by trying new things! 

Bears 5 & 6 YEARS OLD

Our oldest class in the Soccer Jrs program is designed to encourage kids to learn soccer by using games, intentional skill building time and the enthusiastic encouragement from our coaches! We will help your child develop motor skills and coordination that will turn into tangible skills on the field in a fast paced environment. Immediately following 40 minutes of warm ups and skill building drills, is a scrimmage at the end of every class that provides an opportunity for the kids to utilize their blossoming skills while experiencing the game of soccer.


Soccer Jr's Winter 2022 - SESSION TWO
 Bears (5 & 6 Years Old)
Bears (5 & 6 Years Old) Mondays 4pm February 28th - April 25th  C​LICK HERE
Bears (5 & 6 Years Old)
Tuesdays 5pm March 1st - April 26th C​LICK HERE
Bears (5 & 6 Years Old) Wednesdays 3pm March 2nd - April 27th  CLICK HERE
Bears (5 & 6 Years Old) ​Thursdays 4pm March 3rd - April 28th C​LICK HERE
 Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old)
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old) Mondays 5pm February 28th - April 25th  CLICK HERE 
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old) Tuesdays 11am March 1st - April 26th  C​LICK HERE 
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old) Tuesdays 4pm March 1st - April 26th C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old) Wednesdays 10am  ​March 2nd - April 27th  C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old)
Wednesdays 4pm March 2nd - April 27th  C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old)
Thursdays 4pm  ​March 3rd - April 28th C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old)
Thursdays 5pm ​March 3rd - April 28th  C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old)
Saturdays 9am March 5th - April 30th  C​LICK HERE  
Cubs (3 & 4 Years Old) Saturdays 10am March 5th - April 30th  C​LICK HERE 
Teddies (18-35 months)
Teddies (18-35 Months) Tuesdays 10am  March 1st - April 26th C​LICK HERE 
Teddies (18-35 Months) Wednesdays 11am ​March 2nd - April 27th     C​LICK HERE  
Teddies (18-35 Months)
Thursdays 5pm  ​March 3rd - April 28th  C​LICK HERE 
Teddies (18-35 Months)
Saturdays 9am March 5th - April 30th   C​LICK HERE 
Teddies (18-35 Months)
Saturdays 10am March 5th - April 30th   C​LICK HERE