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**NEW** Jr's day camp!

 We are excited to announce a new addition to all of our wonderful youth programs!

This is a day camp for 3-5 years olds who are fully potty trained. This camp is full of great activities including crafts, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, time in our Big Play Thing, fun, games and so much more! One week we may be searching for treasure and the next making our own rocket ship! Each camp day won't be the same, but we will follow the same routine every day. We know structure is very important and beneficial to children, so sign up today!

The camp will run Monday-Friday from 10am - 2pm.


  • Individual Day: $60
  • All week: $250 for the whole week! 

 Other information:

  • Please bring a labeled water bottle and extra set of clothes labeled in a bag
  • Arrive with sunscreen applied, comfortable clothes, and close toed shoes
  • Pack your child a nutritious and healthy lunch along with some snacks

This camp will not exceed an 8:1 child to instructor ratio. This insures we can provide your child all the attention and care they deserve.

We will have themed weeks that the kiddos are encouraged to participate and let their imagination run wild! Just remember they will still be active ​during camp! 

If you have any questions feel free to email lynsee@cascadeindoorsports.com​

Week 7 -  Bugs
​August 16th ​CLICK HERE
Tuesday August 17th ​CLICK HERE
August 18th ​CLICK HERE
Thursday August 19th ​CLICK HERE
Friday August 2​0th CLICK HERE
​All Week August 16th - August 20th ​CLICK HERE
Week 8 - Super Heroes 
​August 23rd CLICK HERE
Tuesday August 2​4th CLICK HERE
August 2​5th ​CLICK HERE
Thursday August 2​6th CLICK HERE
Friday August 2​7th ​CLICK HERE
​All Week August 23rd - August 27th CLICK HERE