Saturday August 12th
-4 players per team
-10 minute running clock games
-No timeouts
-Minimum 4 game guarantee
-One Faceoff to start the game
-If the puck leaves play it will be placed at the spot it left play and the team that did not cause it to leave play will start with it
-After a goal or goalie freezes the puck it will be placed behind net and the controlling team will have five seconds to start breaking it out before the opposing team can attack.  Once they cross the goal line the opposing team is allowed to attack.  The opposing team must retreat to the black lines at the top of the face off circles before they can attack the play.  In the same way you would tag up for offsides.
-USA Hockey Rules enforced
-Penalties will be called and result in a penalty shot immediately after the infraction occurred.   Referees will blow the whistle immediately and not have a delayed whistle.  The clock will stop during the penalty shot.
-Please bring a white and dark jersey.
-A and B leagues
-Players will be placed based on performance in league and during our Thursday night drop in hockey

-All players must be 14 years of age or older

Iron Man Hockey Tournament
Saturday, August 12
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