Pickleball 101/Intro to Pickleball

Learn the Pickleball Basics in this introductory class. Throughout this class you will learn the rules, score keeping, court positioning and stroke techniques necessary to get you started in the fastest growing sport in the country!

All equipment Provided. Please wear court shoes (hard sole tennis shoe) if you have them.

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If you would like to register, follow the link above or call the front desk ​at 541-323-0100

Pickleball 102

The perfect next step after your INTRO course. This class focuses on basics; however,
we will use different drills to practices shot selection, strategies, court positioning and
more. There will be point play portions of class where you will engage in real game scenarios to utilize what you’ve learned. Instructors will be on your court to give guidance and critique during point play.

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If you would like to register, follow the link above or call the front desk ​at 541-323-0100​

Team League - Designed for Intermediate - Advanced Players

Spring League starts week of May 6th
Teams consist of 2-men and 2-women (subs ok)
Team is by level 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5plus
Each league night consists of 1 women’s doubles, 1 men’s doubles, and 1 mixed doubles.
Teams play 1 game to 15 or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
Scores will be recorded as 3-0, 2-1 or 1-2 each night.
Scores are reported at the end of each match.
Each team plays twice per league
League must have a minimum of 4 teams per level
Cost is $40 Per person for 4 weeks.
*3.0 Rating - Tuesday’s 9-11am - Register Here
*3.5 Rating - Saturday’s 1-3pm - Register Here
*4.0 Rating - Friday’s 1-3pm - Register Here
*4.5plus Rating - Monday’s 6-8pm - Register Here

Unrated Ladder League

- If you have played Pickleball and are looking for the next step, here it is! This is the league for you. If you know the rules, we want you! This RECREATIONAL PICKLEBALL League is all about FUN! 

Teams consist of two players regardless of gender
We encourage you to register with a friend, or we ​can help you find a partner
Cost is $40 per person for 4 weeks
League will be held Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm starting April 18​th
Teams are guaranteed 4 games per night
The team with the most wins at the end of the four week period will be crowned champions OF THE WORLD! 

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